Family Home Videos

I'm labeling the videos by size. The big ones are very large, about 6 MB a minute, and the quality is excellent if you can download them or stream fast them enough. The quality is such that you can make them full-screen size. And that's only the medium quality offered by the tool. Think how big the files would be if they were done in Best mode.

The medium ones are usually from the camcorder and are mpg files. The quality isn't bad if you don't blow them up too big.

The small ones, which I'm going to be posting with the big ones from now on, should be able to be streamed even over a modem and definitely can be downloaded in short order (relatively speaking) They are a compromise all the way around.

Now, Fort Collins, Colorado

These videos were shot with my Sony camcorder in mpeg mode to a memory stick. Make sure to not blow these up too big. I think the original resolutions is 320x240.

Here are some more medium mpeg mode videos. I found that they look okay when I play them at 100%. I was playing them at 200% before when I didn't like them. They are a LOT smaller.

I took this set of short medium videos on Friday April 29th, Sunday May 1st and Monday May 2nd

Family Home Videos: 1989-1995



Visiting Grandma Emde in Springfield, IL - Summer 1994

This clip is from a visit by Mary and Marty only in the summer of 1994. My grandpa didn't want to be filmed so Mary was filming him semi-secretly (it becomes clear that he knows he's being filmed).

Marty's Claymation Movies

Marty and his friend Bennett made this movie when Marty was 10 and Bennett was 12. Marty found that the video camera could shoot .1 second frames or something and proceeded to make several of these. This is the one that is close at hand, from near the end of 1994 when Marty was almost 11 (bd 01/28/1984).


Cayman Islands, January 1993

Here is a video clip from our Cayman Island trip of 1993. United had a deal of letting frequent flier miles be used to go to Cayman at the same rate as domestic travel. The airfare was free, as I had been doing a LOT of travel.

This clip is Marty's birthday (1/28/93) and our last full day at Cayman. I'll apologize in advance for the singing.

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Deschene in Champaign, IL

This seems to be a visit by Mary and Marty only. I stayed with my mom in Springfield and Mary and Marty went to Champaign to be with her family. This is a long one. Look for Steve dancing the funky chicken.

Halloween 1993 - October 31, 1993

Pumpkin carving, nearly 10 year old Marty and old friends, The Haul!

Tying Knots 1993

I'm playing the piano in the background with a Jamie Ebersold tape.

Mary Birthday - December 5, 1993

The date that is displayed incorrectly read December 5.


These three videos segments were all taken at a traditional Thanksgiving get-together at M+M's house, this time in 1992. Mary is doing most of the filming, I show up bearded and hairy, on the phone. Marty is playing cards with a couple of nice women.


Summer-Fall 1991

There are two versions of the video, the big and the small versions. The video starts out at the "Rabbit campground" in Caldwell, ID. When we visited it was home to several hundred domestic-type rabbits.

We move on to Portland, Oregon and the home of Pat DesChenes, Mary's sister, a veterinarian extraordinaire. Watch the casual way she handles her cats and her straight face at the end. I told Pat that I'd send this to her. This is 90% of all that was filmed.

There is a short segment at the Aurora Bridge Troll sculpture in Seattle followed by a visit to Mount Rainer National Park is the subject of the next short section.

We head east to see Mammoth Hot Springs and other thermal features of Yellowstone National Park and finish with a tiny segment of Marty's 8th birthday, January 28th 1992, ends the video. What a deal! All in nine short minutes.

Visiting Grandma Emde in Springfield, IL - Summer 1992

This is a visit to my mom's house when both of my grandparents were still alive. My grandma is still alive, just having celebrated her 93rd birthday in April 2005.

This video was filmed in the summer of 1992 has a short scene of my grandpa and me working on a chair, then Marty giving us a tour of his grandma's garden.

The next clip is from the same trip and is available in both big and small versions with the same content. It was filmed on this same trip and is about 13 minutes long. The first short scene was filmed at home by Mary and features Marty on the Slip'n'Slide. The rest of the clip was taken at Grandma and Pop Sokolis's and my mom's house. Pop shows us his "Mister Wilson" green pepper, plays the organ and plays Technics with Marty. I filmed most of this.


Marty's Birthday - January 28, 1990

Grandma Emde was visiting us

Energy 1990

Marty reminds us of the energy of children as he performs for his mom and posterity to the music of "Mannheim Steamroller Christmas"

Apple Tree 1990

I figured out tonight that I have a very deep connection to this apple tree. Every year I take pictures of it as if it's going to be different. It isn't different, is it?

Modal Improvisation 1990

Here is a (very) short (I promise ;-) ) section of the kind of stuff that I have done for the last fifteen years or so. It's improvisation using the musical structure of Gregorian Chant (the Modes). This is the stuff that (almost) literally drove my family crazy. I remember a quote by Ian Anderson saying something like 'people only have a few tunes built into them' and they go over and over them. (My ex certainly believed that about Frank Zappa. - Hey!) My family learned the edge of my musical horizon. The Universe, in contrast, found it extremely satisfying.

Landscape Tour 1990

Mary gives us a tour of the backyard freshly planted. This is an excerpt. I'll make a video of the pussy willow and dogwood as they are today, soon, and also post the pictures of the resulting destruction.

Christmas Shivers 1990

Marty displays his highly fashionable (at the time) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles garb and Mary experiences the thrill of her new massaging back cushion.

The Grand Kahuna 1990-1993

For the same low price you can have the five videos from above plus a bonus 1993 snippet, all in one package!!!!.


Fun at Monica and Mark Hughes House

This video is the earliest extant of my old friends Monica and Mark. I've known Monica since college when we lived in the same big house with six other people.

This video is was taken soon after the birth of their second child, Elliott (Tote), in 1989. My ex, Mary appears, backlit, and my son Marty shows up at the end with a pull toy. M+M's older son, Duncan is shown too, with me interacting with him.