48th Birthday Renga-August 23, 2004

Forty eight years old
Very few friends to speak of
What's up with all that?

Is there something that you lack?
How will you find what it is?

Ones that seemed like friends
Are now distant and remote
Is it depression?

Why fret about conditions?
The core is in emptiness

Relationships gone
Friendships drowned in business
What is there that's left?

What is this grasping for love?
Don't you know that it's right here?

Half a hundred years
Is now within sight of here
And what have I learned?

When will you learn about time?
It's all happening right now!

Dirty politics
Barges straight into my mind
What is the future?

Relax into the timeless
Buddhas are not mistaken

Killer insects bite
Waking up fear in my heart
The end of it all

Nothing ends, nothing is born
It's the Timeless One Bright Pearl

Long labor, hot night
The young woman strives to push
A new boy is born

No birth, no death, no true lack
The Buddha way is open

Young man, second wife
Full of anger and passion
Unready father

All things show the perfection
All beings doing their best

Enfolding mother
Can't protect him from himself
Injuries happen

Ah, the cool wind of Dharma
Can't you feel the refreshment?

Beatings here and there
Teach the patterns of a life
Now I beat myself

There is no separation
Who is there to take beatings?

Sexual traumas
Unfold in the misery
Basement air guitar

Don't you feel the poignancy?
Openness is very close

First love, frigid girl
She took three years to thaw
And then she was gone

Bodhisattva compassion
Boundless, endless, to the point

Smoke filled dorm room halls
How can a person study?
Answer: just don't try

All moves according to Tao
There is no deviation

Trailer park living
Beatings going on at night
The screams and the slaps

The taste of oneness is near
No need to even seek it

Lovely Seattle
Wedding bells ring, then a son
Unready father

The flow of life is endless
Birth and death an illusion

Patterns repeating
Yet the mold is not perfect
There is room to move

Perfect, timeless Beingness
Is always within our hands

Divorce, upheaval
Is there a ground to stand on?
The practice awaits

Mysterious, rare Dharma
Like a shower of silence

Whirlwind Being
Long distance lover
Like a bright, green Spring

Seek the answers in Oneness
There is no separate place

Solitary poem
Just the two cats here eating
It's all really here

Expand into emptiness
Never anything that's wrong

The cleansing of words
Drawn out of a troubled mind
Now seemingly cleared

Gone, Gone, Totally Blown Out
Just So Totally Blown Out

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