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The preceding Flash movie is a gift from my friend Dave Mason, who puts a lot of effort into the activities of his Praxis Path website.

Videos from my YouTube channel

This is a video mash-up of some home movie footage with "Now" by ZBS. When I first heard the song, I wanted to portray it somehow, with past and future imagery. The past imagery lined up almost exactly as you see it now, with a slight lengthening of the rabbit scene. I cut that and the rest fell into place. Did I mention that I love spontanaeity?

This is my original mash-up of some old family pictures with an original number, "That Ain't Now". The song was recorded spontaneously in a single attempt (one of the first) using Microsoft Songsmith, in several hours of playing with it.

Here's a demonstration video for one of my Android applications.

"Sing A Whale Song"

Here are links to songs off my hit album, "Sing a Whale Song", produced with the aid of Microsoft Songsmith. Each song is a first take, absolutely spontaneous outpouring of pure insane creative joy, regardless of how it sounds.

  • Dance Til Your Feet Fall Off

  • Down To Old Chicago's

  • What the F**k?

  • That Ain't Now

  • Always Is There

  • Wondering

  • Sing A Whale Song

  • My One And Only

  • Wo Do Day

"Three Country Dances In One" by Thomas Ravenscroft

This is my most successful attempt at multi-track recording using a home computer and cheap microphone. Later I went back and time-shifted some stuff (digital delays, etc) and played with voice placement in the stereo space, and this is the spiffed up result.

Family Videos

I've moved the family videos to their own page.


Here are links to some writing. There are many haiku and a couple of renga (long haiku-like Japanese style poetry).

Haiku and Renga

Writings on Divorce and Such

A couple of Poems